About Us

We serve God through fellowship and service. We place high value on fellowship and we believe good things are born when Christian men form strong bonds. We are a place for men to become more connected to God and the church. We are called to serve and we do so with emphasis on the Alpine membership, the elderly, and the Longview area community. We are a place where mentoring takes place on several different levels and across all age groups.

Core Values:

  • We want to honor God in everything we do
  • As part of the Outreach ministry, the ultimate goal of all of our efforts is to reach people with Jesus
  • We believe fellowship is an important ingredient for both the success of the ministry and for the individual Christian men that compose the ministry
  • We welcome all men
  • We must stick to our mission; we would rather do a few things well than many things not so well
  • We love the great outdoors