Free Hunting and Fishing Seminar

The Alpine Ironmen are sponsoring a FREE hunting and fishing seminar on Saturday, August 22 at 8:00 AM.  Breakfast will be served at 7:30 AM.

Hunting, Fishing, and Boating:

  • Game Warden Inspection Authority
  • Licensing, Tagging, and Processing
  • Retrieval of Game Across Property Lines
  • Legal Shotgunning for Waterfowl
  • Seasons for Waterfowl, Game, and Non-game Animals
  • Fishing Rules and Regulations
  • Boating Equipment and Operational Violations and Penalties
  • Registration Requirements, Tagging, Hazardous Wakes, and Negligent Operation


image_ToddLongTodd Long, Gregg County Game Warden

Todd has served as game warden in several parts of Texas and came to Gregg County in 2012 after working for Harrison County where he enforced fish & game laws on Caddo Lake and the Caddo National Wildlife Refuge. He and Brooke now live in White Oak, TX



Rifle and Shotgun Usage, Pointers and Safety

Clint Pirtle

Clint Pirtle, Senior Trooper (Retired), Texas Department of Public Safety

Clint is a native East Texan, born & raised in Van Zandt  County. He served in the U.S. Army where he was part of the US Army/Europe Rifle Team. He made his career in law enforcement and retired from the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Senior Trooper in 2008.

Clint still serves as a firearms instructor for the DPS and is a certified Concealed Handgun class instructor.  He is an avid deer hunter and advocate for shooting sports.


Bow Usage, Pointers and Safety

Lebus1Charles Lebus

Born and raised in Longview Texas, Charles attended high school and Jr. college at Kemper Military School and College in Boonville, MO. Upon graduating from East Texas State University in 1972, he married Marilyn before taking his commission in the U.S. Army where he served as an Artillery maintenance officer until 1974. Charles then returned to Longview to begin his career in the family business, Lebus  International where he is now Chairman of the Board.



Alpine Church of Christ Gym
610 East Loop 281
Longview, TX


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